hello, and welcome to my 107 week challenge

Just a bit of background to explain why a sane person such as myself (sane most of the time) would want to spend one week every week for 107 weeks, baking cakes for no profit what’s so ever, let me first clarify I am a stay at home mom, that might already shed enough light for some of you, in my endless quest for self-discovery and independence, I just so happened to have this idea, the idea of improving my cooking skills, and making beautiful cakes like out of a magazine or café window, and blogging the whole mess, for anyone interested in following.

In this blog i will be posting weekly recreations of every recipe found within the pages of the “Woman’s weekly cake baking’ cookbook, i will include my own chaotic step by step pictures, ingredient lists, difficulty ratings, and the almost certain disastrous finally project. 

Just to clarify i am in no way a professional baker, and have more often than not found refuge in store bought cake mixes, so in turn this weekly baking mayhem will prove to be quite challenging.

Please feel free to follow me, as i produce the gooey, creamy, deliciousness, which is “the woman’s weekly cake baking cookbook.

Who knows, perhaps I will enjoy this experience so much so I will do another blog, on another cook book, or open my own café, or never want to bake again and order take out for the rest of my life.

Let’s see